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Tomatoes on Toast

February 28, 2016
tomato toast featured

We welcome Autumn to New Zealand on Tuesday. Many i’ve spoken to are less enthusiastic than me when I remind them of this but I think it is my favourite season. The days are still warm but the nights get chilly, inspiring an extra layer or two and you might actually feel like eating something warm and comforting again. There is still plenty of produce around and still light in the evenings to prepare it in. Bliss.

tomato toast 2This morning I woke up to find the rain from the night before had disappeared and got up to get to the markets at a decent time. By 10am I was back home – breakfast ready and back in bed. I am a huge fan of breakfast in bed. Today’s choice was buttery wholemeal toast with boiled eggs and heirloom cherry tomatoes. I’ve been seeing so many market haul photos featuring delicious tomatoes and had to get some of my own. These were sweet, fresh, colourful and totally worth the (kind of) early wake up – oh and did I mention it took me all of 10 minuted to get ready. Perfect! Read on for the recipe.

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Sunday Morning Toast

November 12, 2015

Start planning your weekend now, you’re having toast for breakfast.

Not any Wednesday ‘peanut butter with a banana folded in because you’re late for the bus’ toast but real Sunday brunch toast, Totally worth sharing, but better curled up in bed, on your own, whilst rewarding yourself with some Netflix after making such a delicious, super wholesome breakfast!

The toasts are super simple, probably helped by the fact the bread is from The Midnight Baker. I’m a bit late on the wagon here and but have wanting to try her bread for ages! It’s been worth the wait, it’s so good and has kept me going all week! I went for the natural Freedom Loaf, it’s free from wheat, dairy, refined sugar, yeast and eggs. It is so filling too, two little slices are enough for a big snack or with toppings for lunch. In this case we went for four, because it’s ok to indulge sometimes, especially when you’re actually being really good!

The Midnight BakerI know you really want to know what’s on top of these delicious morning morsels, so i’ll just tell you, like a bandaid, super fast.

First course, savoury, creamy organic avocado with a coriander salsa.

Avocado ToastSecond course, sweet, banana, almonds, Ceres Cacao Almond CrushΒ and Noble Tonic 02 maple syrup (which I tried at Taste and fell in love with!).

Banana Toast

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