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Chocolate Plum Breakfast Bowl

February 24, 2016
plum compote chocolate granola bowl

For some of us, the need for a chocolate based cereal disappears as we grow up and realise it may not be the most nutritious choice. For others, like me, this inherent desire never evaporates and the more chocolate options I have in the morning, the better. This granola satisfies all the cravings I have and even stops me going for actual chocolate in the afternoons where it’s a hand in the cookie jar situation. The original recipe is from My New Roots – i’ve just adjusted a little as I like more buckwheat than oats and I had almonds on hand.

plum compoteAdd the above granola to a sweetened plum compote and you have a bowl of heaven that can be finished with a dollop of yogurt (i’m thinking greek or coconut) or even just a couple of glugs of milk. Organic whole has been my choice most mornings this week but almond would be great too. The fibres in the plum thicken the milk to a syrupy consistency and make it feel oh so indulgent. Apart from that I don’t think I need to explain why the plums are there. Did you see them up there, bright red, telling you just how sweet they are? Take another look…

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Buckwheat Granola Parfait

November 1, 2015


Buckwheat Granola Parfait 220130501-13

First post – So Excited!

I love food – making it, and eating it, looking at it – I hope you all (the 3 of you, tops, that are here) enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. Finally doing it and not just saying I’m going to!

The word love is going to be just all over this post, we’re talking about breakfast so that seems natural. Specifically we’re talking about a beautiful seed, nut and grain granola that is super customisable. We also have some Raglan Coconut Yogurt – it’s my favourite coconut yogurt; plus the star of the show, orange roasted rhubarb – I know, stop!

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