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Kumeu Strawberry Tart

January 10, 2016
strawberry tart

I’ve been in love with berry picking since forever! I remember going to a gorgeous spot in Cornwall as a kid and picking berries with the family, and wandering down country lanes and picking blackberries from the hedge. It’s also pretty interesting to me how many times I’m typing about a memory and it’s about my Grandad (Mum, maybe you’ll have to show him!)

Last week I went twice, which may seem a little excessive but I promise there has been no strawberry waste! My favourite local haunt is Garelja Bros Strawberry Garden at 83 Old North Road in Kumeu. It’s only 20 minutes out of the city and so easy to find –  a friend introduced me last year and I love it. It’s not fussy and this year at just $6 a kilo it’s ridiculously cheap, and easy to get carried away – you should have seen my sink when I got home!

Strawberry Tart Recipe NZstrawberry tart recipeI decided to use my scarlet plunder to bake a Strawberry tart which I had been craving for a long time! The tart is rich, smooth and creamy but in no way does it overwhelm how juicy, ripe and perfect the strawberries are this time of year. It’s pretty much a copycat of Little and Friday’s recipe in their book ‘Celebrations’ but because I’m terrible at following a recipe it’s not quite the same. There’s a layer of raspberry chia jam under a pile of vanilla whipped cream and on top of a créme pâtissiére tart filling. There’s no blind baking as you bake the filling which is great. We even had leftovers for mini tarts, which I like a lot.

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Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

November 6, 2015

Ice Cream has to be my biggest weakness.

This is pretty great ice cream too. It’s made with organic dairy (thanks Lewis Road Creamery), free range organic eggs, organic golden caster sugar and some homegrown Meyer lemons, grown by my dad (thanks Dad), and they’re pretty fabulous. His tree literally drips with these beautiful, perfectly formed lemons, we can never get through them however hard I try.

lemonsA few weeks ago I was in San Fransisco and stopped by Bi-Rite Creamery. I did my homework before I went and this was on my must-try list (note, not must-dos, food was a priority). It was just, the whole experience was perfect, the staff are fantastic, so lovely, and there were so many tasters and then once i’d finally chosen there was a perfect marble slab outside for taking a photo. I’m getting excited thinking about it. They also have a book, which I bought, and which will more than likely supply the basis for a lot of future ice-cream recipes. Pictured below I tried Strawberry-Balsamic, Basil and Honey-Lavender. Amazing, different, simple, look them up if you’re ever over that way! I also liked there sister store, Bi-Rite Market which had so much organic, local produce and supplies – I wish I had been there long enough to sample more.

Bi Rite

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